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Helen (Knox) Northup writes:
My mother's father, Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman, was born June 7, 1861 on board a ship coming to the USA from Germany. His birth records show Ellis Island which was where immigrants are held until allowed to enter the United States. His parents were Carl Friedrick and Louise (Lavering) Fleischman. The family lived for awhile in New York; then moved to Pennsylvania ; and from there to Wausau, Wisconsin, where the August and Alvina Krueger family also lived. The Kruegers originally came from Prussia and the oldest of their 7 children Martha Bertha was born there. on Mar. 16, 1866. On June 22,1887 my grandfather and she were married in Wausau Wis. (His brother, Herman married her sister, Hattie ( [Heitlz] Krueger, so brothers married sisters.) Their four oldest children were born there supposedly, in Reib Falls: Carl in 1888, Belle in 1890, Laura in 1891, and Esther, 1895 although there is no birth certificate for her, but Helen (Knox) Northup Birth Certificate says Esther was born in Granite Heights, Wisconsin. However no record of my mother's birth could be found either in Wis. or Minn. She was born Mar 3, 1895. When Carl was 9 years old, they moved to Minnesota, or about 1897. Six more children were born in Minnesota. First was Ralph, then Maude Isabelle and twin girls, Mildred Ione and Maude Isabelle on Nov 15 1899. Mildred died of pnemonia at age 3 months. She was the first to be buried in Greenwood Cemetary in Bemidji, Mn. Beatrice was born in 1901 followed by Hiram (who died in the State Home in Owatonna at nearly ten yrs old on Feb 12, 1913.) in 1903 and Fred in 1906. They first homesteaded in Port Hope township on the shore of Gull Lake near what is now Tenstrike. Close neighbors were the Schulke's . They later moved to a farm in Hagali Twship. near Sandy Lake. Some close neighbors I remember them mentioning were Almendingers and Herman Randalls . The road we turned on (from the Nebish Road between Blackduck and Nebish ) is just west of the Dufseth farm. When my mother was only 13 years old in 1907, her mother died after an extended illness leaving behind a baby less than 1 year old (my uncle Fred) and 8 other children the oldest of which (Carl ) was only 19. I don't remember any of the aunts and uncles except the two youngest. Beatrice who lived in Wausau, Wis and kept in touch with my folks through letters, pictures and once that I remember came to visit in a big car full of little boys. The other one was my Uncle Fred who was living alone with my Grandfather at the time we would visit them before my mother died. My mother would often tell us about how she and her next younger brother, Ralph, would have to go out in the woods and cut and haul up firewood so apparently her oldest brother was not around to do that . The others older than her were girls. I know my grandfather and he had some kind of falling out so he left and they never made peace with each other. Both my mother and her mother died at a very young age (40 and 41) leaving behind a family of young children and from medical problems that apparently are routinely treated. My mother died of Cirrhosis of the liver from a bout of hepatitis which damaged the liver. Now they have a vaccine to prevent this. I remember her having "jaundice" years before which was apparently when she had hepatitis but at the time she became sick and started to go down to the University Hospital in Mpls. they did not know what was the cause. She often said that she hoped that by her visits down there someday a cure would be found. Her mother died of complications from gallbladder problems which resulted in infection of the pancreas. Nowadays removal of the gallbladder is just routine,. After Grandma died, Grandpa sent away for a mail order bride to help raise the ten children. Her name was Augusta, from Chicago, and she didn't last long. "All those kids", so she left. I have a book which my cousin Fran Eby , daughter of my mother's sister, Maude, compiled of the Fleischman family genealogy in which she has many conjectures about different things that happened in the family (many tragic events in this family ) as well as many documentations and records . You are all welcome to read and copy any of this to learn more than I can tell you. My grandfather dropped his first two names when he moved to Minn. and went by the name of Charles Edward which is what all the records in Minn. call him and which I knew him as. I only remember dimly the place where my uncle Fred and he lived when we used to go and visit them. It was just a tiny little house, it seemed to me and one summer when we went there it was just full of flies. My grandpa had made a big kettle of soup and I remember feeling very squeamish about eating with all those flies flying and crawling all over . I remember my grandfather as a very gruff man. He used a lot of German expressions . I recall something that sounded like "Rouse schmittem!!" and "ach du lieber" .
He died Mar. 16, 1938 less than a year after my mother died May 30, 1937. Dad and I went to his funeral in Bemidji. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, as are my Grandmother and 3 of their children. My Dad's parents are also buried there. When my Uncle Fred died in 1996 at the age of 89 we went down to the cemetery for the interment ceremony. Another of my cousins and her son were also there and several of our kids. He died in California where he had lived for many years. He always sent us Christmas cards and one time Vyron and I looked him up in San Francisco where he lived. He was so tickled to see us.

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Charles Edward and Martha (Krueger) Fleischman Family

Children of Charles Edward and Martha (Krueger) Fleischman

Carl August Paul Fleischman b. 1/29/1888; Wausau, Wi. m. Mildred Dunn 1917 d. 06/13/1932
Martha Maybelle Alvina Fleischman b. 05/17/1890;Texas, Wausau, Wi. m. Benoni Nelson d. 03/08/1965
Laura Fleischman b. 08/28/1891; Wausau, Wi. d. 02/28/1908; age 17 buried Greenwood Cemetary, Bemidji, Mn.
Esther Clara Viola Fleischman b. 03/03/1895; Wausau?, Wi. m. Norman Louis Knox d. 05/30/1937
Ralph Henry Fleischman b. 09/10/1897; Tenstrike, Mn. m. Lottie Downs d. 05/12/1971
Mildred Ione Fleischman b. 11/15/1899; Tenstrike, Mn. d. 02/25/1900
Maude Isabelle Fleischman b. 11/15/1899; Tenstrike, Mn. m. 1., 3. Guy Franklin Cohenour
m. 2 John McGraw
d. 12/20/1978
Beatrice Fleischman b. 02/27/1901; Tenstrike, Mn. m. Walter Knipple
Hiram Herman Fleischman b. 02/27/1903 d. 02/12/1913 in Owatonna State Home
Fred Fleischman b. 08/25/1906; never married d. 04/03/1996; Interment, Greenwood, 04/10/1996.

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